The ADVANCE™ Barrel Bonanza promotion has now ended. We have reach the first 50 orders. Please allow 30 days to receive your Free ADVANCE™ Barrel of Adult Total Wellbeing All Breed Chicken 12kg AND one (1) ADVANCE™ Travel Bag. These items will arrive separately to your Pro Store order. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Dear breeders,

In order to keep supporting the breeder community we have made a couple of changes to the current system, please note the following..


  1. You will now require 200 points in order to redeem product, you still earn 10 points per registered puppy or kitten
  2. You will only have 3 months in order to redeem your free product, or the redemption will expire and you will lose your points
  3. Only 1 redemption is allowed per week


  1. Breeder’s kits will be available in lots of 8 kits, maximum of 4 orders in a week – the total kit order allowed per week is 32 kits per breed. 
  2. Replacement codes remain unchanged.

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